New Countertops Direct

Step 1: Looking for the newest designs and textures, find a dealer. Pick out samples.

Look at displays at your choice of retail outlets and see what you like. Then look at samples to get an idea of color and pattern. If the samples are small, pick up several of the same pattern and put them together when you get home to enhance your decisions as you make your choices. There are many laminate choices and you can usually take the samples home. Pick out all the chips whose colors and patterns are close to what you have in mind. We can also provide laminate material in the event you would like to compare prices and purchase directly from us.

There are a variety of edge treatments available. Often you can see the variety of choices at many retail outlets. We can cover those choices with you with our on site estimates, and give some recommendations depending on your taste and needs.

Step 2: Cut down your options.

Consider all your choices with the samples you have picked out and then take away the ones you don't like. Hold it or tape it near the wall or cabinets, walls or any other items that you want to match the laminate with. This will give you a good idea of how the new countertop will look and contrast with the existing cabinets. Use those samples also to see how the colors work with your flooring and painted walls.

Step 3: Hire your own installer direct and save

As an experienced installer, we take accurate measurements for your countertops. In addition to linear measurements, we may also suggest the best place to locate any seams, should there be any. Often we can provide a seamless installation for a solid surface appearance. We can also provide under mount sinks to enhance the solid surface appearance.

Step 4: We look forward to your inquiries and encourage price comparisons.

We will guarantee all workmanship of the installation process. Your laminate material choices have their own individual warranties. By serving the Northern Colorado Construction industry since 1969, we can assure our customers the very best in laminate installation. We encourage price comparisons.

New Countertops Direct